Hatchette job

Rod Dreher brought to our attention that Amazon.com is hurting its customers by bullying publisher Hatchette. Customers are reporting ordering delays of weeks—even when books are in stock and the customer pays for advanced shipping.

A couple years ago, Hatchette and five other publishing houses lost an anti-trust suit when the government determined that they conspired to fix prices of ebooks sold on Amazon.com. Amazon was the clear beneficiary of this anti-trust judgment, as you can read here. The irony of this case is that Amazon clearly poses a much greater threat to both authors and readers of books, than even these big publishing houses. Amazon has a history of strong-armtactics. By any objective standard, Amazon is the closest thing to a monopoly in this business, and its business practices ought to be under more scrutiny.

To register our disapproval, we have removed all Amazon product links from The Hipster Conservative. We had not been participating in Amazon’s affiliate program, so our bottom line of zero dollars will continue unaffected. We urge readers to patronize other vendors, including your local independent bookstores.

If you see a link we missed, let us know.

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