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Christian Songwriter’s Sexuality Shocker

NASHVILLE, TN—If you ever listen to Christian radio or attend contemporary worship services, you’ve heard his lyrics: “Jesus, I want you / I need your love / Set me on fire with one look from above.”

For many who have been intimately affected by worship songs like “Take Me Deeper” and “Surrender To Your Love”, it would be hard to believe that their author is a 41-year-old married heterosexual father of three who describes himself as “just your average straight guy who loves Jesus.”

Worshipers and music insiders have long assumed that the “Waves of Glory” songsmith was gay. But today, in a revealing, candid interview, the man behind many of today’s top Praise & Worship hits has spoken out for the first time about his sexuality.

The Nashville-based songwriter says he’s surprised to learn that many people who sing his songs assume he’s gay. “I mean, in reality I’m just a boring straight guy with a guitar and I suppose a normal married sex life,” he admits. “Maybe people get some kind of other impression from my songs, but I can’t help that . . . I just try to write songs that help people love Jesus.”

The writer of “Dripping With Myrrh” says the best thing about his songwriting career is the ability to work from home and lead a quiet life. “I’ve never wanted to be a big touring artist,” he told us. “The big names in Christian music will come out to my home and we’ll collaborate on the songs, but you’ll never see me on stage.”

“Maybe some of them are gay, I don’t know,” he reflected. “For me, worship doesn’t have much to do with my sexuality.”

The songwriter’s newest anthem, “Touch Us Here Tonight,” is due to be released by a major Christian recording artist this fall.


Photo by Flickr user mythoto

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