The Hipster Conservative is an internet journal in which we attempt to publish essays and criticism and other fun stuff on topics of interest to hipsters, conservatives, or both. Our writing aspires to capture that spirit of elitism which, according to their critics, hipsters and conservatives have in common.

Our writers and staff hold various opinions on whether hipsters can be conservatives and whether conservatives can be hipsters. However, the first issue of our magazine includes a modest attempt to describe some things that conservatives can learn from hipsters (broadly defined), indicating our general way of thinking about such things. In short, hipsters are obsessed with authenticity; hipsters express themselves through ironic detachment; and hipsters are motivated by taste and discrimination more than by cold logic. We think conservatives should do likewise.

We take ourselves much too seriously, and we wish to put a bit of insulation between our writing and our professional lives, so we have adopted pseudonyms. This doesn’t mean that our identities are some big secret. We expect that many of our readers will know who we really are; we just don’t want Google to know who we really are.

We are always looking for new writing. Send us your writing, or just tell us what you’d like us to write about. Submissions, inquiries, proposals, and general comments may be addressed to hipsterconservative@gmail.com.

Writing Guidelines

1. What We Publish

We like essays that make interesting arguments on political or cultural topics. We also like essays that tell us about something cool like a great book (old or new) or a great movie or a great record album. Regardless, it should be well-written; if we don’t think it makes the cut, we’ll try to work with you on that. We are unsure whether we will publish fiction and poetry, but if it’s good we can probably find a place for it in the magazine. Send everything to hipsterconservative@gmail.com.

2. When We Publish

For a while we were publishing monthly issues, but now everything appears a la carte in blog format. Sometimes we may dedicate an issue or series to a specific theme. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, so we’ll just announce that in advance if it ever happens. Tell us if you ever have any great ideas for themes.

3. Pseudonyms

Most writing published in The Hipster Conservative is published under a pseudonym of the author’s choice. We have chosen pseudonymous publication as a means of putting a bit of insulation between our writing and our professional lives. Our contributors should feel free to note elsewhere, on the Internet or in real life, that they are the authors of a particular piece, but we intend our website itself to be free of such identifying remarks. This rule, of course, exists to be broken, and we are happy to publish guest posts under the author’s real name. Our quixotic aim of maintaining privacy in the digital age is a beautiful dream, as well as a stylistic convention that gives our publication a flavor of anachronistic naïveté.

4. Republication

Each author retains full republication rights for his or her works. To prevent republished works from being accidentally attributed to those who didn’t write them, we ask you to notify us before republishing your work elsewhere, and to acknowledge your work’s initial appearance in The Hipster Conservative. For our part, we will contact you if someone asks us for permission to republish your work, and you can work something out with them.

5. Exceptions to Procedures

If you are friends of ours, no need to bother with any particular submission procedures; you can always just chat with us about what you’re writing and we’ll tell you what we think. We’re not so wrapped up in pretending to have a real magazine that we’re not willing to break character.

6. Some Words about Style

We prize clear and memorable writing. Don’t let clumsy constructions and stuffed sentences encourage the reader to skip over the paragraphs of your labor. Maintain a consistent style and avoid passive constructions as much as possible, but remember that rules of style exist to be broken.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more! btw, you have two email addresses above: one includes the word “the” and the other does not. Which one is it? Or are there really two separate gmails?

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