Book Review: Dick Cheney, In My Time

Image of "In My Time" book by Dick CheneyIn My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
by Dick Cheney
Threshold Editions, 2011
576 pages, hardcover, $35

Without regard for the castigation of critics or the praise of apologists, the life of Richard B. Cheney shows at least one trait of a classic hipstercon: intransigence. If not, he at least maintains a constant stubbornness that armchair apathetic iconoclasts can appreciate. For, in this memoir, Dick Cheney set out to set the record straight—for history, for the media, and for the American people (or at least those who can afford $35). In My Time tells Cheney’s story; and if the world has an image of Cheney as a fierce war hawk who propelled America into two wars, he wants everyone to know they have it wrong. If the picture of Cheney the war hawk is hazy, his apology only clarifies his profile: penetrating eyes above a wide-open beak and sharp talons. Continue reading Book Review: Dick Cheney, In My Time